McKinney Family Foundation | Grant Making
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Funding Guidelines

The McKinney Family Foundation (MFF) is committed to building an environmentally sustainable future for every Hoosier, therefore our grantmaking is focused within the state of Indiana. Our primary areas of focus are:

1. Creating renewable energy jobs and meaningful policy changes to ensure the transition to a sustainable energy economy.

2. Transforming agricultural infrastructure to ensure sustainable methods and improve the distribution, affordability, and availability of locally grown nutritious food.

3. Ensuring the long-term viability of the nonprofit environmental sector through capacity building and leadership development.

Note: MFF has existing and continuing obligations to higher education and art education. There are no plans to expand these. MFF also currently supports other environmental causes, but we will plan to narrow our focus to the three above areas.

The McKinney Family Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals. The Foundation may not respond to materials sent without explicit request. All funding is solely at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Grants will only be awarded to 501(c) 3 public charities and schools.  

Current Grantees